Ask yourself, how long would it take your business to recover from a disaster?
How much would it cost in loss of sales?
Or, in loss of service?
What would the cost of reputational brand damage be?

Nov 15 | 9.00 am – 2 pm

Jack Cooke



When Jack started at Datto, he helped IT and Managed Service Providers establish their partnership with Datto. During his time, the role has developed and he has worked with partners across the EMEA. He is currently involved with a number of exciting UK & Ireland partners, helping them grow and expand their partnership with Datto.

Sara Parris

The Chamber of Commerce


Working across Oxford, West Berks and Swindon Chamber Councils, Sara’s main focus is to provide growth opportunities, practical support and advice as well as to promote businesses within The Thames Valley, with specific focus on SME’s across the region. Sara has a hands-on approach to local and broader business issues.

James Bishop



 James has an in-depth knowledge of cyber crime in relation to business insurance – as well as his keen ability to provide practical steps to mitigate business risk. James is responsible for ensuring that the Macbeth brand is promoted in the right way and to the right audience. Driving their business networking with local businesses and referral partners all form part of his role.

John Hayns

Coach for work-life-magic


Using his MAGIC formula: Moving, Attuning, Giving, Inspiring and Connecting. John actively speaks and coaches at various companies – teaching leaders to manage their teams effectively.

Claire Cunningham



TALA manages an international crisis management network, with associates in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Claire and the team actively help clients who are under attack to manage reputation issues and also provide training facilitators for pre-incident consultancy, including workshops and full crisis simulations. From BBC journalist to senior PR and media consultant, Claire’s communications career spans 25 years and the breadth of the international business, government, and innovation landscape.

Why do you need to attend

We are proud to present the UK’s leading cyber security and disaster management experts who will share with you how to prevent, prepare and manage a data, security, cyber, or even natural disaster.

Held at the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Grove, Oxfordshire, with immersive keynote presentations, live demonstrations and expert one-to-one clinics – this is your opportunity to prepare for a disaster.

There is a significant difference between perception and reality – as business leaders, we need to know this and prepare for the worst.

Still not sure? Here are three things you’ll get out of the event

Insightful tips on disaster management

Leading experts will be showcasing key tips and new ideas that will give you the leverage you need to make impactful changes to your business and workforce. That will enable a better leadership and working relationships across the business

Learn & engage with industry leaders

We will host a live Q&A with the speakers, this will be a great opportunity to engage and ask questions during the live Q&A – any questions you would like answered from our experts this will be the moment to engage

Networking opportunities

There will be opportunities to meet others to share and discuss ideas and learn from industry leaders and create valuable relationships within the SME channel

Specific topics we will be discussing

Cybersecurity policies

We will be diving into the world of cybercrime and ransomware and why businesses are getting targetting. Disclosing the most effective solutions to keep your company safe from exposure. Even if you are hit with a cybercrime – there are ways to avoid ransomware fees. Don’t miss out as we disclose vital information to stay and keep protected

PR & crisis communications

What if a crisis occurs in your business – do you have the correct PR communication policies in place to deal with any type of business disaster? We will take you through the most effective solutions to deal with PR communication and provide useful tips on how to communicate effectually. So that you will be prepared

The cost of doing nothing

If your business is not prepared for a disaster – what could be the cost of doing nothing? We will be providing cost-effective solutions for you to prepare for any disasters that could potentially be costly to your business

The day's agenda

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