The Illusion of Control

The Culture and Behaviours
of Hybrid Working

Join our expert hosts and speakers for a morning of lively insight-driven discussion.
With guidance to support productivity and wellbeing within your business.

October 06 | 9.00 am – 2 pm

This event is supported by Databasix – with the kind
support of our guest speakers and our vendors.

Andre Vaux



Andre is an IT professional with experience in the various sectors. claireLOGIC was borne out of his desire to service the industry he is so passionate about. He applied existing knowledge and experience with a thirst for continuous improvement to provide his clients a round-the-clock service they can trust

Regina Johnys



Regina is the architect of the ‘People’ element at Databasix. Winning hearts and minds of clients as to the importance and benefits of collecting and managing high-quality data, she has an unrivalled track record with guiding organisations on their data strategy, implementation and controls – ensuring that data is valued and protected; enhancing business value and reducing the risk of unwanted data breaches

John Hayns

Coach for work-life-magic


Using his MAGIC formula: Moving, Attuning, Giving, Inspiring and Connecting. John actively speaks and coaches at various companies – teaching leaders to manage their teams effectively

Shaun Topham

Culture & Behaviours Expert


Shaun is an engaging and experienced trainer, specialising in Leadership and Management, Personal Effectiveness and Mindset. Shaun’s guiding motto is that ‘People love to learn, but hate to be taught

Why do you need to attend

Management teams are under the illusion that they are in control of their hybrid working team – however, remote working is an arms-length challenge that needs to be examined further. What are your staff up to, and how would you know? Are they safe and secure – are they efficient and productive workers? Are they happy and healthy?

Take a dive with us as we gather together to discuss the key aspects of hybrid working and what it looks like from the security, productivity and mental wellness aspects. Distance management processes can only work if there is a fundamental shift in culture and mindset – Join our team of hybrid working experts as they pull the plaster off what you think you know…

Still unsure? Here are three things that you’ll get out of the event

Insightful tips on hybrid working

Leading experts will be showcasing key tips and new ideas that will give you the leverage you need to make impactful changes to your business and workforce. This will enable better leadership and working relationships across the business

Learn & engage with industry leaders

We will host a live Q&A with the speakers, this will be a great opportunity to take part in and ask questions during the live Q&A – any questions you would like answered by our experts this will be the moment to engage

Networking opportunities

There will be opportunities to meet others to share and discuss ideas and learn from and engage with industry leaders and create valuable relationships within the local SME community

Specific topics we will be discussing

Dangers of hybrid cybercrime

We will touch on the world of cybercrime and the dangers it poses to a company- especially having employees working remotely. How a companies culture and behaviours can influence hybrid cybercrime

GDPR, privacy & data protection

The GDPR didn’t go away with Brexit. The regulation still applies to every organisation in the UK and the move to hybrid working has pushed the stakes higher than ever. The GDPR can be complex, but we’ll be simplifying and discussing some top tips and key baseline processes at the session, for you to take back to your team

Productivity & mental wellbeing

Discussing how hybrid working has affected staff mental wellbeing – how to deal with stressful situations and ensure that your teams stay and remain productive. We share insightful tips and tricks that work effectively

The day's agenda

Join our team of hybrid working experts as they pull the plaster off what you think you know…

With your opportunity to ask questions to our keynote speakers.

Network with like-minded business leaders within the local SME community.

Complimentary lunch provided – as well as tea and coffee.

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